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Repel Birds from Your Structures 
with Help from 

  • Works on pigeons, gulls and other nuisance birds
  • Proven safe on all structures
  • No ugly spikes, nets or wires
Airepel® Humane Bird Management Services

Offering Humane Solutions to Your Bird Management Problems

Acknowledged by the foremost Humane Agencies of the United States as a viable deterrent for bird management, Airepel® Humane Bird Management Services exclusively offers our Airepel® Service Blend Repellent, in addition to traditional bird management tools. Our Service Blend is applied exclusively by licensed pest control professionals.

Airepel® Humane Bird Management Services offers a total bird management program customized to meet your specific needs. Humane programs are being offered across the country to industrial, commercial, institutional and residential properties by our team of specialists. Airepel® has the answer to your bird problems.

Reduce potential health and safety problems and save your business time and money.

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